Social Selling _ Discover the benefits

Explore the benefits of Social Selling.

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Social Selling enables you to:

  • find interesting contacts in your target group with just a few clicks
  • get valuable information about contacts and companies
  • build relationships with prospects, customers, and business partners
  • maximize the effectiveness and support the success of your sales activities

What is Social Selling?

Many can use social selling as a valuable tool, from individual salespeople and sales teams to enterprise account managers to channel account managers.

Social selling allows you to work with LinkedIn to build relationships with new customers while using the data and networks of these portals for this purpose.

Remember: Social selling is not about abandoning your existing sales activities or starting something completely new. Instead, it is about integrating social media into your current processes as an inherent part.

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Is Social Selling the right thing for you?

It works for many, but not for everyone. If you’re unsure whether social media benefits your business and sales team, I can give you good advice!

I examine your business, goals, and current sales structures and then show you if using social media for sales will work for you.

My professional advice provides a solid foundation for your well-informed decision for (or against) social selling so that mistakes can be avoided immediately.

Training: Understanding and using Social Selling. Reach your goals!

Today, every employee and every team has their way of doing things – how they work, their tasks, and their individual goals will vary.

This training considers all this and offers personalized, targeted information and advice.

At the end of the day, you will know how to use social selling in sales and how it can help you achieve your goals.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Demo

Experience the features and learn more about the benefits of LinkedIn Sales Navigator, LinkedIn’s social selling tool!

I offer a general product demo and a workshop/webcast tailored to your needs.

And if you should decide to use the LinkedIn Sales Navigator, I also offer detailed training and support every step of the way.

Whichever you choose, I will help you to make the most of this tool and your social selling activities.