Do you know LinkedIn Showcase Pages that you can use your within your Company Page? If not, you should read this article to learn more about this really useful function.

I have summarized the most important information for you here. You will find further information on LinkedIn help page.

What are LinkedIn Showcase Pages?

The LinkedIn Showcase Pages are subpages in your Company Profile. You can use them to create dedicated pages per product or product group as well as for services. They are subordinate to the company page, receive their own URL and can be promoted directly. You are allowed to create ten Showcase pages per company page.

Preparation to start with LinkedIn Showcase Pages

Before you start to create your Showcase Pages, you should prepare some content.

  • an invidiual name for the Showcase Page
  • a description of the product or service
  • a hero image for the Showcase Page
  • your logo (could be the company logo or the product logo maybe)

Requirements and specifications for text and images on the LinkedIn Showcase Page


Showcase Page name: max. 100 characters
Showcase Page description: 75 – 200 characters

showcase page hero image specifications:

  • Fomat: PNG, JPEG, GIF
  • File size: max. 2 MB
  • Resolution: min. 974 x 330 px. You can crop your image once it’s uploaded.
  • Landscape layout

showcase page logo specifications:

  • Format: PNG, JPEG, GIF
  • File size : max. 4 MB
  • Resolution: min. 300 x 300 px, 400 x 400 px is the recommended size
  • Square Layout!

You can´t create you own unique URL for this page. The format of a Showcase Page URL is as follows:[showcase_page_name]

This is how you create a LinkedIn Showcase Page

First, you need to be the admin of the parent Company Page.  Go to your Company Page and chosse “Edit”. And you are ready to start.

Step 1: Open your Company Page (as an admin).

Step2: Click “Edit” and select “Create a Showcase Page”.

Step 3: An extra window is opened. There is a link to more information on Showcase Pages, if you want them. If you wan´t to start directly, click the button “Get started”.

Step 4: Define the name of the Showcase Page. If needed, you can add more admins to the Showcase Page. Click “Create Page”. And: it´s done. Your Showcase Page has been created.

Step 5: Next window:  Implement the hero image and description.

That´s it.

Please find an example of a Showcase Page below.

  • As you can see, the logo is placed on the header image. If you don´t want this, try to use a logo with transparent background.
  • The headline in the header is the nameo of the Showcase Page you have defined before. You can´t change the size of the font. Font colour is white, no chance to change. I recommend to choose a hero image with less details and a dark colour in the area of the title. In my example the image is not the best one.

How to use the LinkedIn Showcase Page

With a Showcase Page you can show products or services and promote them to the relevant target audience. I recommend Showcase Pages if you want to reach different target groups related to the products or services.

You can create versions of the Showcase Page in many languages. As you can do with your own LinkedIn profile or company page. Followers will see the Showcase Page in their prefered language – if you provide it. If not, they will see the language you have set as default. Default language should be englisch.

Furthermore, you can publish your Showcase Page updates in many languages. To do this, you need to select “Share with” / “Targeted Audience” and then “Language Preference”. You will find the “Share with” option below the text form.

You can publish updates on your Showcase Page which are focussed on the topics of the page. Users can follow each single Showcase Page. They will get the information they are interested in. Not more.

Please note that it also means additional expenses. You need to set up different content aligned with your target groups and showcases. You should publish updates on each page regulary. I recommend to create only a few Showcase Page, but focused and with real added value for your subscribers/followers.

Have fun and success with your Showcase Page.

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