IT-Marketing (B2B)

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As an IT channel marketing specialist, I offer marketing services for channel partners: vendors, distributors, IT companies. By considering all objectives and targets, I develop strategies and concepts and provide assistance and support for their implementation.

Marketing Services for Vendors and ISVs

For IT product and solution vendors as well as for ISVs with an indirect sales model, I offer specific channel marketing services – from strategy, implementation to channel partner support.

I offer assistance and support in channel communication as well as in marketing activities, in cooperation with and by means of the channel partners.

If requested, I can give marketing and social media trainings for you and your partners.

It is you who defines the goals – whether it is to optimize the partner experience, to increase awareness, to generate demand and leads or lead management or sales.

Marketing Services for Distributors

Distributors are facing particular challenges. They have their own goals which need to be combined with those of vendors and sales partners into a holistic strategy. I can help you in developing the strategy and the concepts required for the achievement of the goal as well as in communicating with vendors and your partners. It is one of my strengths to adapt the vendor objectives and marketing campaigns to the specific needs of partners and customers.

I offer trainings and marketing support in order to strengthen your partners’ marketing skills and expertise.

Marketing Services for IT Companies

Position yourself as a trusted IT partner for your customers and companies which are to become your customers. Whether it is the presentation of your company, products/solutions, campaigns and events or the communication with vendors and customers – I can advise and support you with marketing services in generating awareness, demand and leads.

I develop and implement the appropriate strategies and concepts for you, always with the focus on achieving your goals.

By providing workshops and trainings, I can help your company to build up marketing skills and, in particular, to establish social media marketing enabling you to be best prepared for success.