IT Marketing (B2B) _ More Attention, More Success

You offer your customers excellent IT solutions. With my IT marketing, we ensure that your ideal customers know that.

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  • Technology and IT solutions, as well as a service business – I understand
  • Complex IT solutions: I translate them into simple, understandable language for the target group.
  • IT business structures: I know and love the IT channel.
  • IT marketing – that is my focus; that is my passion.
  • DACH region: I know and understand the German-speaking market (Germany, Austria, Switzerland).

As a specialist in IT marketing, I offer services for manufacturers, distributors, and IT companies. Whether hardware, software, services, cloud solutions, or all of the above – I help you with your marketing.

I can support you with tasks and goals tailored to your role in the channel.

IT Marketing for Vendors and ISVs: Channel Marketing

  • Do you want to generate more leads through your partners?
  • Your channel marketing is working for you, but now you want to expand it.
  • Do you want to increase your partners’ satisfaction?
  • Do you want to improve the cooperation with the distribution and partners?

I can help! Maximize your success with my support for channel communication and marketing activities with and through channel partners.

On request, I also provide marketing, social media, and social selling training for you and your partners.

Profit from my IT marketing power in many fields, for example:

  • Design and implementation of partner campaigns and promotions
  • Partner support through sponsored marketing activities (e.g., Paid Social)
  • Integration of partners into your social media communication
  • Development/Setup of marketing portals for partners
  • Partner enablement in social media marketing and social selling
  • Channel marketing design, creation, and implementation for new offerings, business units, or sales regions

Better together: Maximize your success with a more vital channel!

IT Marketing for Distributors: Reseller Marketing

As a distributor, you face unique challenges. You are pursuing your objectives, which should be combined with those of the manufacturers and the sales partners to create a holistic strategy that will lead to tremendous success.

  • Do you want to improve your cooperation with resellers?
  • Do you want to expand your reseller marketing and enablement?
  • Do you want to strengthen the cooperation with vendors and resellers?
  • Do you want more: more resellers, more attention, more leads, more deals?

I help you develop the best concepts and strategy for achieving your goals, offer support for improving your communication with vendors and partners, and provide training and support that leads to higher IT marketing competency among your partners.

Achieve your goals with my IT marketing power for:

  • Establishing or expanding reseller marketing portals
  • Developing go-to-market strategies for new business units or offerings, e.g., cloud solutions
  • Launching new products
  • Planning and implementing campaigns that are in line with vendor’s requirements and budgets
  • Improving the quality of marketing campaigns to increase your marketing ROI
  • Enabling resellers regarding social media marketing and social selling

Mutual success: Leverage the power of your sales partners!

Marketing for IT Companies

Whether it’s the presentation of your company and your solutions or campaigns and communication with manufacturers and customers – I support you with IT marketing, specifically digital marketing and social selling.

  • Do you want to know how to attract new customers?
  • Do you want to use social media for marketing and sales?
  • Do you want to achieve better results with your IT marketing?
  • Do you want more digitization for your sales?

I deliver! Focusing on your goals, I develop and implement efficient strategies and concepts for you and offer social marketing/social selling workshops and training sessions that show you how to make the most of these tools.

Get started today and use my IT marketing power to:

  • Increase your visibility and (brand) awareness, and generate more leads
  • Launch a new product or solution
  • Open up a new market
  • Improve the quality of marketing campaigns to increase your marketing ROI
  • Promote an event
  • Implement joint marketing activities in cooperation with manufacturers and distributors.
  • Expand your social media marketing and social selling skills
  • Cope with bottlenecks in your marketing department in general or for a specific project

Establish yourself as a trusted IT partner: Get more attention and leads to gain more opportunities.