Social Media Marketing: More marketing and sales power for your company

Our social media marketing services help you to use Xing and LinkedIn in the most effective way.

Maximize your benefit from the start: We create and publish compelling content and advertising campaigns to promote your solutions and events.

Whether you’re looking for long-term collaboration or assistance for a specific project, we support you all the way!

Make the most of your social media activities

Start today to:

  • Boost the level of awareness for your company as a solution provider and employer
  • Attract the attention of potential customers
  • Generate more leads
  • Position your company and your sales force as experts, and
    support your sales goals
Social Media Marketing by marenkoeppen
Social Media Marketing with marenkoeppen: We do the work, you gain the results.
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Social Media Management

Let us do the work for you.

Social media marketing thrives on interesting, inspiring content that is posted on a regular basis. We can do the work for you, and create and plan your posts on social media such as Xing, LinkedIn or Twitter. We also are able to act as your social media “newsroom” that publishes all of your posts, and provide general support for the social media pages of your company.

Social Media Campaigns (Paid Social, Social Ads)

Unlock the full potential of Social Media Ads

Promote your offers, especially events, with social media ads! The benefits are clear: You can unlock the full potential of Xing and LinkedIn by reaching all the members that are most interesting for your company. In addition, social media ads and paid social media allow you to also reach contacts outside of your network who are not followers of your page. Social media campaigns should always be integrated into your overall social media marketing strategy and also involve sales. We’ll show you what works best for you!

Social Media Training

Profit from first-hand Social Media Marketing expertise

Whether you want to extend your social media marketing knowledge or gain new perspectives, our workshops and online training sessions, created and presented by experts, provide field-proven knowledge and offer practical advice while delivering answers to your specific questions. Develop your social media strategy in a workshop with us or learn more about special topics, e.g. how to effectively promote your events via Xing and LinkedIn, in one of our online training sessions now!

Optimized Social Media Profiles

Put your company in the spotlight

The profiles of your company and your employees are the very basis of all your social media marketing activities. But how do you achieve greater success with your Xing and LinkedIn profiles? We make it easy by applying the following principles to every profile that is created: All profiles should be completely in line with your business objectives and correctly address your target group. And all profiles of your employees should aim at presenting each and every one as an expert instead of just citing the CV. We offer you professional content creation/copywriting and graphic design that works, bookable as an add-on to our social media marketing services, so that you can show your best profile in all social media.