Maren Koeppen

Maren Koeppen

I am specialized…
on the participants of the indirect sales model: vendors, distributors, and sales partners.

I am focused on…
achieving your objectives, whether in marketing, public relations, sales, or partner management.

I am passionate about…
marketing in general and social media communication in particular.


I work and live according to the motto: Dare to be remarkable!

Regardless of whether you are customers or partners, colleagues or corporate management – for me, each one of us is individual and remarkable. I am open to new ideas and creative solutions, always reliable and goal-oriented.

I focus on you, on your business, customers or partners leading our joint projects to the desired goals and achievements. To the satisfaction of all parties involved.

I look forward to meeting you!

Maren Koeppen – Qualification

I am a certified IT system support specialist and permanently educate myself further in marketing in general as well as in digital marketing and social media in particular. During the past 22 years, I have worked for vendors, distributors, system integrators, and agencies and thus have gained extensive experience and practical know-how in the indirect sales model. My passion is marketing, both in theory and in practice.

I offer the full package of:

  • 22 years of B2B marketing experience in the IT sector
  • 12 years of social media know-how in B2B/IT communication
  • High competency in developing strategies and concepts
  • Quick, solution-oriented implementation of campaigns and activities
  • Professional, open communication with your customers and business partners
  • Passion for IT products and solutions
  • Creativity, inventiveness, and practical orientation
  • A strong network of experts of other fields I am not in command of (e. g. Graphic Design)

Maren Koeppen – Certifications

In addition to my practical experience, I am committed to constantly get further trained in marketing strategy and planning as well as in digital marketing and social media marketing.

  • EMC Social Media Advocate (EMC intern)
  • Foundation Diploma in Digital Marketing (Shaw Academy)
  • Social Media Marketing (Career Match)
  • Social Marketing Certified Professional (Hootsuite academy)
  • Social Selling Certified Professional (Hootsuite academy)


During my daily work, I use the standard Microsoft Office tools and the social media portals which are key for B2B communication. I am used to work with marketing and CRM software and I can quickly learn and get familiar with the tools used in your marketing.

I work with:

  • Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Social media portals: Xing, LinkedIn, Twitter
  • Social media management tools and add-ons: SocialPilot, Blog2Social
  • WordPress

Furthermore, I have practical experience in using:

  • SalesForce
  • Aprimo
  • Spinklr
  • Splashthat

Maren Koeppen – Partner Network

Offering effective marketing means to me not to do everything by myself, but to make use of the expertise and know-how of my partners, if required. I carefully choose the partners I work and cooperate with.

They all

  • are experts and have the full competency in their specialized fields.
  • are experienced practitioners.
  • work in a binding and reliable manner.
  • are full of energy and enthusiasm.
  • adapt new ways and think in different directions – according to the current situation.
  • ideally complement each other.