Marketing Strategy Consulting for IT Companies

In today’s article, I would like to introduce you to one of my own services: My marketing strategy consulting services for IT companies. In the future, you will find this type of advertising contribution in the category “My services”.

Marketing has changed. We are in the middle of digitalization. Digitalisation affects not only production and distribution processes, but also communication and information procurement. Marketing and sales today face the challenge of digitizing many activities to attract potential and existing clients. In short, the actions take place online. Existing and potential clients inform themselves mainly online before making purchasing decisions.

Over the past few years, I’ve witnessed and helped shape this transformation of marketing. Over the last two months, I have used my knowledge and experience to advise IT companies on their marketing strategy. Throughout the process, we have repeatedly encountered similar challenges. The understanding for digital marketing is there, so is the willingness to implement it. But it is often difficult to decide: What is the priority? What measures are most promising? What should the first steps be?

This is where I come in. I offer marketing strategy consultation services with a focus on digital marketing. In doing so, I look at your current strategy and measures and review them on the basis of the strategies and concepts for successful digital marketing. One of these strategies is the “Customer Buying Journey”. How do potential and existing clients inform themselves nowadays, which phases do they go through, and which marketing measures are appropriate for each respective phase?

Marketing strategy consulting for IT companies by Maren Köppen

  1. Initial conversation: We discuss your requirements and how I can support you.
  2. Briefing: You present your current strategy and measures, and we discuss your goals. You will receive a checklist and a few questions in preparation for the briefing. The briefing will take place online and take 1-2 hours. You can submit additional documents to me via e-mail.
  3. Check and recommendations: I review your previous actions and develop suggestions for optimization or innovation. Afterward, I summarise the results in a comprehensive presentation.
  4. Consultation: I present the results of my findings, and we discuss the individual suggestions together. The consultation can be recorded so that you can listen to it later. The presentation and any further documents are also available for your information.

In line with digitalization, I currently offer these consultations online. The initial interview is done by telephone; the briefing and consultation online.

In my marketing strategy consultation, I focus on your goals and on the feasibility of the measures. The results are concrete recommendations for the next steps towards your successful digital marketing. Go ahead; prepare everything for the near future. Bet on the right kind of marketing in a digital world.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. Send me an e-mail, and we can start soon.