Social Media Image sizes (dimensions and formats) – this is a never-ending challenge. Social networks constantly change their design and this means layout and dimensions of profile and cover photos also change. I would like to share up-to-date information with you today.

In this blog post I focus on company pages and profiles in Twitter, LinkedIn and Xing.

In one of my last projects I have worked with a great designer to develop new images for the social media profiles and posts of a customer. There were some special requirements to consider. As you know each social network has individual specifications for the images and photos. The challenge is to be responsive. Therefore, most of the networks scale the photos when they were uploaded. Unfortunately, this does not work properly.

You need to create images and photos which look good on a variety of displays and devices.

All social networks share information on the specifications for images in their online help, but these are not the best ones. We have tried it again and again and now we have defined dimensions which work for the most relevant displays and devices including desktop and mobile (browser and app versions of the networks).

If you will use our proposals for social media image sizes in the table below, please write a comment if they work for you. The next update on this topic is coming soon and I like to implement your feedback.

Social Media Image sizes (dimensions)

LinkedIn – Company Page

Header Image: 1536x768px

Post Image: 840x440px*


LinkedIn – Profile

Header Image: 1584x396px

Profile Photo: 400x400px

Post Image: 840x440px*


Xing – Company Page

Header Image: none

Logo: 285x70px

Post Image: none


Xing – Business Page

Header Image: 984x246px

Logo: 512x512px

Post Image: 774x498px*


Xing – Event Page

Header Image: 984x311px

Logo: mindestens 256x256px


Xing – Profile

Header Image (Premium Members only): 1280x624px

Profile Photo: 1024x1024px


Twitter Account 

Header Image: 1500x1500px

Profile Photo: 400x400px

Post Image: 840x520px*

You can upload images in any size. This size is recommended for companies who like to prepare images for their posts and want them to look good on any size of a device.

If you use the Twitter App for iOS or Android, you can customize your photo, crop it, apply a filter or add stickers.

Additional tips

Twitter Cover Photo/ Header Image – Special features, which have to be considered for the Social Media Image sizes

1500 × 500 pixels offer plenty of space. However, you should not take full advantage of this, as Twitter scales the image slightly from the edge.

  • You should not use up and down a strip of about 80 pixels, so do not place picture elements here, which should be visible.
  • It is also recommended to leave some space on the right edge. Approx. 30 pixels are recommended.
  • And please note: The profile photo overlaps the header/cover photo. It is displayed to the left, depending on the screen size in the left third or quarter of the header image, upwards it uses between 150 and 200 pixels of the header/cover photo.



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