Reseller Marketing for Distributors

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Distributors are an important interface between vendors and sales partners – whether it is in sales, reseller marketing, or partner assistance. They are facing particular challenges and have their own goals which need to be combined with those of vendors and sales partners into a holistic strategy. Based on my long-term experience in the area of reseller marketing, I can support you in combining your own objectives with those of vendors and resellers.

For this, I support you in developing the strategy and the concepts required for goal achievement as well as in communicating with vendors and partners. I offer training and marketing support in order to strengthen your partners’ marketing skills and expertise. It is one of my strengths to adapt the vendor objectives and marketing campaigns to the specific needs of partners and customers.

Reseller Marketing – Strategic Consulting and Conception

I can develop a strategy for your company for today and for the future which is best suitable for your reseller (partner) marketing by integrating the requirements of vendors as well as the interests of resellers. Within this context, the communication and cooperation with resellers is the key component to develop and to implement a successful strategy.

It may often be necessary for your reseller marketing to develop new strategies and concepts, for example, for the

  • creation of a reseller marketing portal
  • development of a go-to-market strategy for a new business area or a new offering, e. g. cloud solutions
  • introduction of a new product
  • implementation of a campaign
  • improvement of the quality of marketing activities to achieve a higher marketing ROI
  • introduction of a ROI tracking model
  • marketing trainings for your resellers

I can prepare these and other concepts and assist in introducing and implementing them in your company, if requested.

Performing Reseller Marketing Promotions and Campaigns

In frequent cases, you experience a number of bottlenecks in your projects. A product launch needs to be prepared, partners are to be recruited for an event or the introduction of a new ROI model is time-consuming and all this does not fit into your “regular” work routine.

In all these cases, I can assist with my experience and capacity to take over the implementation. And it is up to you to determine the degree of support. You can book me for the entire project or on a daily basis to support and to assist your team. Based on my long-term experience, I can enter during the course of a project and familiarize myself very quickly. Whether alone or on call – by using my specialist expertise, you can benefit from an extra resource to enable the successful implementation of your project.


Examples of projects in which I can help:

  • Preparation of vendor marketing campaigns for resellers
  • Product launch preparation with resellers
  • Winning resellers as co-exhibitors/sponsors for events
  • Marketing planning with resellers by considering vendor guidelines/budgets
  • Introduction of a ROI tracking model (communication and trainings)
  • Campaigns together with resellers
  • Social media with resellers

You need overall support and assistance in your channel marketing and not only for temporary projects? Then you should have a look at my scope of services for interim management.

Reseller Marketing Live: Reseller Assistance, Support, and Communication

For the assistance of your resellers, I can prepare several concepts – from direct one-to-one support of strongest resellers to 1: n support of a particular reseller group.

I can assist you in your reseller marketing to achieve successful marketing activities for all parties involved.

Maybe you have already established your reseller assistance, but you now want to offer marketing support? For this, I can offer you a quota of hours to fixed or flexible hours to help your resellers in all marketing issues.

You can also use my expertise in terms of communication to resellers. Whether it is the maintenance of a community, the creation of a newsletter or regular marketing update webcasts – I make sure that your messages and information are communicated into the channel.

Reseller Marketing – Trainings

How fit are your resellers in marketing? During my work as channel marketing manager for various vendors, I have met partners with a small marketing team without the required resources or companies with little marketing expertise. But even the best teams should invest in further education where social media is a good example. Today, there are still many questions about how social media can be effectively used.

I offer marketing trainings for your resellers. From marketing one-to-one to social media in practice. From live webinars (webcast) and on-demand video trainings to workshops performed on your premises. What about a marketing breakfast or a marketing presentation during a regular reseller roundtable?

Social Media in Reseller Marketing

Social networks have become an important part in communication with customers, prospects, and business partners. Therefore, I offer social media consulting, concepts and trainings for your company, your team and your resellers.

  • Integration of social media into your communication strategy
  • Social media for event promotion or product launches
  • Social media training for your employees (guidelines, rules, contents, image material, instructions, tips)
  • Considering your resellers in your social media strategy
  • Preparation of content
  • Instructions with practical tips for resellers
  • Workshops and task forces with selected resellers

Social media is such a broad field. There is always a need for training and instruction. The world of social media never stands still. Start to conquer the social networks! Here, I can support and assist you with words and deeds.

Interims – Reseller Marketing

There are many possible scenarios indicating the need for an additional resource in your reseller marketing. Whether a representative for a sabbatical, parental leave, prolonged illness, as a bridge until a new employee is found or for a new temporary project – you can contract me to enable your team to operate at full strength until the new employee is found or the absent team member has returned.

It does not matter if you contract me as an additional team member or if you want me to be solely responsible for your reseller marketing. In both cases, you will get my expertise and manpower for the best possible reseller marketing, tailored to your objectives and to the objectives and targets of your vendors.

Let´s go. How can I support you?

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